Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chamber of Commerce

One of the ways that I've connected with our community is through our Chamber of Commerce. One of the first things I did was join the Chamber. After attending my first Chamber breakfast in December, I was asked to give the invocation for each breakfast. While I dislike the whole "have a Pastor pray for the breakfast," I enjoy being around business leaders in the community and partner with them in community activities. I've noticed that in doing so I've earned credibility with different business leaders.
Here are some ways that StonePoint is partnering with the Chamber:

  1. We'll sponsor one of the monthly breakfasts. They put on a great breakfast and in order to do so they need sponsors.
  2. We'll have a "Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting." We've worked it out with our movie theater to have a ribbon cutting during the week. Chamber members and local officials will come be there. We'll setup one of our children's theaters and our worship theater so that people can see what a church in a theater looks like. We're gonna have popcorn and drinks for the refreshments. Once we get an office we'll possibly do it again for the opening of our office space.
  3. I am joining the entrepreneurial Friendly task force. This committee is seeking to earn the state certification for being an entrepreneurial friendly community. I am only one of a handful of "non-profit entrepreneurs" in the Chamber.
  4. We'll join in some of the Chamber's social events. They have an upcoming bowling event. I was asked by four different people today if StonePoint would be there. We'll see if we can put a team together and kick some tail!


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Tadd Grandstaff said...

Scott I couldn't agree more...that is the first thing we did before we started Ridge Stone Church...joing the Chamber opened up some big doors for us in the community and not to mention some free "pub"!

I just saw your post and I was laughing because I went to the Chamber yesterday to get all the paperwork to fill-out for joining.

Good Stuff Bro! I keep hearing nothing but great things about what you guys are doing...some time this fall I will be down there checking you guys out!

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Scott Whitaker said...

Let me know when you come. I’d love to hear your feedback! You’re in my prayer!

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Joel and Leslie said...

That is awesome! I am heading to our chamber of commerce tomorrow morning for the first time. I got invited by one of our launch team members today, so this was perfect timing to read.


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